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How To Make Content Marketing Strategy For Your Online Business?

How To Make Content Marketing Strategy For Your Online Business?

Do you think content marketing just arrived 12 years ago?

I bet not.

Because humans have always connected with content in every generation, everywhere they go.

Content is all about we speak and do in our life and it comes naturally from us as a form of storytelling.

Do you know why we call it content marketing?

The simple answer is “How effectively you connect with your audience in the form of story?”

Humans get embraced when you tell a story to them, they listen to you and get connected with you.

Well, content marketing is with us from the last 300 years.

There were no social media or you tube at that period but people have an effective way of sharing content to others.

The simplest term is:

Content marketing helps you connect with your audience effectively and it’s a long term game.

Content helps you form a human to human relation with your customers and that’s what helps you foster the relationship.

Let’s find out more.


Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Let’s be honest content have it’s own purpose and we are putting content to target something effectively.

But, is content marketing necessary for every business?

It’s a NO.

You to first find out what are your business goals?

How you want to reach your audience is the first question you should ask?

In fact content marketing is necessary we know it enhances

Trust between reader and company

Ease of communication

Content marketing have become highly competitive with in today’s scenario. It’s on you how you’re going to gain of your customers and win their trust.

Infact 68% of B2B companies are unable to make content that brings more attention of people.

Now, it’s time to brainstorm new ideas that are creative that will hold attention of people for long

It doesn’t matter how much competitive content marketing gets people will invest time and energy in it because the inbound marketing have greater effort than multi media marketing.

What is Buyer’s Journey?

Every buyer have their own timing of taking decision
It’s not in your hand perhaps. But, you can do one thing make content for every buyer’s journey stage.

Let’s take an example.

You saw an ad of SaaS software and you loved to read about it, got to know about its features.

It grabbed your attention right?

That’s the first stage of catching attention.

That person will try to show some INTEREST for knowing that product more, he will visit your website, your social media pages and many more.

Then you can curate another form of content that will let you engage with them in the interest stage.

Understanding buyer’s journey is very important NOW.

It will help you build more better relationship faster and eventually selling your products to them.

Lets coming to strategy for content marketing.


1. Build More Landing Pages For Your Business

Do you know the power of keywords?

I have heard many people saying that don’t focus much on keywords spend curating better content.

They usually forget that people search for keywords first then your content may pops up infront of them.

That’s why building a landing page perfectly infused with targeted keywords will help you reach the right people with your business.

When you build a landing page with the right targeted keywords that will help you put your service directly with your audience.

Guess what?

You’ll win trust and you’ll make a sale.


2. Clear Picture Of Your Audience, Give Them What They Need

Making a sales would be easy when you know whom you’re talking to.
Not to a random people, it will waste your time.
Your audience might have different variation and you have to find them perfectly or else your content would be of no use if you reach the wrong people.
Two things to check before making a content:
1. Power packed research on keywords
2. Take a clear picture of whom you’re writing to.
The best way to make content is to understand your audience.
Making a sales would be easy when you know whom you’re talking to
You know your friend really well, you know what he liked, what are his weakness then you can give him suggestions regarding it.
Once you have a great picture of your audience, your content would be completely for them and easy to understand for everyone.

3. Make Content That suits Every Screen.

People spend most of their time either in laptop or mobile or tablet.

Well, as they are spending time they must be consuming content in their screen sp it should be your opportunity to catch their attention easily.

Why you should build content that fits every screen?

What your customer is using at that current moment.?

Keeping him in mind you must curate content that fits every screen and he couldn’t ignore that.

Let your content speak the value and needs the people want mostly.

When you can reach your audience effectively they will bring you business effectively.


4. Run A/B Test For Your Content

It runs really well when you want to sponsor two different kinds of content to a specific audience to check which one is working great
Research by AdPushUp shows that there are more chances of making sales when you do A/B testing on your content.
Let me tell you the reason
In A/B testing you will get to know which content is working better and you can signify its headline and Call-To-Action that works well.
It will help you in future so that you can make your content even better.
Almost every B2B marketers started doing A/B testing because it started giving them an edge.
With A/B testing you would be able to send targeted customers to your website profoundly.
In content Always remember
How You Write That Matters? That’s the first part of making the engagement.

5. Always Remember Your Core Values

We humans are built around values and we all have different values that built our core.
Every business have values too and they all work from their core.
Your every content should speak your core.
WHY you’re doing this?
WHAT you’re putting in the content?
These need to be answered in form of your content.
Your core values are your belief that you put around and show it to the world that what and why you stand for?
How deeply you care about your customers?
Your core values should align with your story that you’ll put in the content.

6. Always Be Ready To Adapt And Evolve.

The industries are continuosly growing and getting adapted to new technology. So does the mindset of customers are getting changed.
You need to change your content with time that’s why content audit is essential to get update about your content.
“I am always ready to change with time and create content regarding it.”
You should remember this line because if you’re going to put the same kind of content after 2 years no one may read it.
You need to evolve for your customer and your audience time to time.

7. Have Great Analysis Over Your Competitors

If you think you don’t have any competitors, you’re purely misguided. There is no business without any competitor.
Keeping a keen observation on your competitor is the first step to curate powerful content.
Without competitor analysis you won’t be able to stay in business for long.
Competitor analysis must be kept the vital part because it will help you get marketing success.
To check about your competitor.
Just put keyword about your services in google and you’ll get the list of competitors in the list.
Just go through what they are doing?
How they have written their website’s content?
Then, analyze how you can do better then them.


Content marketing is growing industry and most people are getting into it rapidly.

It can yield you great results if you’re putting enough energy with strategy. People are finding solutions for something everyday.

As a content marketer you must keep in mind that you have to give them their desired answer.

If they will love your answer they will become your fan.

Let’s recall

Know your audience perfectly.

Get ready to evolve

Remember your core values

Analyze your competitor

Thank you for making it to the end.