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How To Enhance Your Brand Value in 2021(8 Steps For You)

How To Enhance Your Brand Value in 2021(8 Steps For You)

You get fascinated when you hear the term brand right?

Well, branding is a very predominant term that catches attention.

Before proceeding further.

Let’s ask you some simple questions.

Whom are you talking to?

What should they take from you?

These questions are inevitable when it comes to build a brand of yours nowadays. You have to answer them first and then you can forward.

These questions are inevitable when it comes to build a brand of yours nowadays. You have to answer them first and then you can forward.

Branding is about connecting with people, speaking the voice of people so that they will start following you.

Building a brand doesn’t mean you have to be a big company with lots of followers.

It doesn’t work that way.

We will discuss about 8 profound steps that will let you build your brand in 2021.

Let’s delve into those.


What is branding basically?

Let’s go with the basics of it.

“Brand is something that people perceives and follow it predominantly. They do it just because they have some sort of emotions attached with that company.”

Let’s talk about Apple or any other fashion brands that are well known to you.

What do you love about apple? Or Louis Vuitton?

Is it the name that attracts you or it’s the products?

Well, both play the role in it.

Let’s start with the name.

Why we always remember a name?(Apple)

We remember them because of what value they provide to us, interms of communicating with their audience and the way to they put impression to us over a period of time.

Well, it takes time and will take a time build a brand that build a following like a cult.

Then Come To Their Products.

The second reason we love apple and LV because of their quality and style and also the name behind it

The price they take, the quality they give also.

These company have always been consistent with their marketing and with their everything that connects with their audience.

Let’s boil down the 8 steps of branding.

1. Find A Niche That Makes You Stand Out.

The market is getting more intense and competitive in every industry that you choose and it’s the nature of business.

But, there is always a loophole that is left behind.

If you find that one loophole in any industry you can win the game in long term.

Slowly and steadily you will build a cult following if you maintain being consistent with your message.

Why carving a niche is important?

When you make a niche and target a specific audience with your product or service or content then it reaches your audience specifically.

Once you started interacting with them profoundly they will help you share more of your content or product.

With that mouth marketing comes into play.

And the core of your brand is built is build from mouth marketing and social proofing so that people start trusting you more.


2. Focus On A Target Audience And Show Your Personality.

Initially not everyone is your consumer so don’t focus on selling everything to everyone.
When you start nurturing a specific audience with a redefined personality you start gaining their attention and trust over time
Let’s say how to group an audience.
You’ll get a clear picture how you can modify your website much better than them.

We will talk about how you’ll position your audience.
Suppose you’re selling yoga mat to people.
You will say:
We sell[Yoga Mats] for [People who Actively Do Yoga] unlike [x company] it’s way affordable and long lasting.]
Let you USP speaks about your brand initially to your audience. It would make your work easier to grow fast.
Remember one thing:
Every brand starts with a core message that speaks about who they are in deep.
Let’s talk about your brand personality.
A personality is defined by who you are? How you speak? How you Co-ordinate? It should be all about you not to another person.
Is your brand ecstatic?
Is your brand innovative?
It should be something that your audience would resemble with it.

3. Choose A Cool Business Name

When you choose a business or a domain name it must be catchy and resemble with what you will do.

Well, why is that important?

Let’s take an example of Google.

Whenever we want to search something we never say “Go search it” instead we say “Google it”. Google become a verb in it.

Whenever we want to search something we never say “Go search it” instead we say “Google it”. Google become a verb in it.

Let’s talk about Uber.

When we need a quick ride, we never say we need a cab rather we call Uber by the same.

What’s the lesson here?

Choose a name that is easy to remember and your audience would be able to recall it.

The way your name should be it will put impact on your marketing message and your logo too.

Sometimes the business name comes from a set of ideology and also from a set of curiosity.

For example:

Pinterest: Pin+Interest

Make sure to keep the business name catchy and authentic at the same time.


4. Choose a Color Scheme For Your Brand

Have you ever heard that people love different colour and they feel a subtle emotion when they see that particular color?
It is indeed true.
The colour we see plays with our psychology but we are not aware of it.
Every brand have their unique colour depicting a certain meaning about their brand. The colour of the brand evokes a certain feeling in the customer’s mind.
Choosing colour comes to play while designing your logo and that naturally speaks about your business.
Let’s take an example of WOW Momo (Momo Maker)
Their logo is yellow and in psychology yellow is the color that catches attention much faster and people find it more trendy in look
Initially you have to play with colours until you reach a certain point of making a final decision.
Your colour is the first step to show case your feeling to your audience.

5. Make A Power Slogan For Your Brand

Powerful slogan are the key factors of attracting people towards their brand.
We can take multiple examples for it.
Apple- Think Different
Nike- Just Do It
Redbull- Gives Your Wings
Why they stand out and catch attention?
A slogan depicts the company’s meaning and what they stand for, what they do? What are their core values.
Just keep your slogan within 3-5 words and try to make it relevant with your vision that should create a powerful impression in your customer’s mind.
Your slogan will empower you to craft a perfect marketing strategy for your business.
A powerful slogan will help you show what you are at the core.

6. Be proactive On Every Platforms

To enhance a brand you need to build authentic connection with people that will help you stay connected every day with your audience.
Why you need to proactive everywhere?
A bond between customers and company forms when they interact with you deeply.
Each and every brand that you see are the compilation of consistency and connection with their audience
Be a great story teller.
Speak about why you have started your company?
How will it serve them?
Try to make an emotional and deep connection with them every time.
Maintain A Color Scheme
What is a color scheme?
Well, it is something that showcase your colors that align with your logo and entirely your company have.
If your logo is made up of mixed up color then every post of yours should have an impact on creating post with that color.
When you make consistency with those colors people will remember you whenever they see your post.

7. Craft A Powerful Message For Your Customers

What is a brand message?
A brand message is something that will tell you what to say infront of your audience continuosly with the right message and right color scheme that will get fit in your customer’s mind.
When they will hear you name, they must get to know about you quickly.
A brand message should be same and consistent every where you go.
A true brand message always provides the value proposition to your customers that must be inspirational, and action taking.
Your brand message should provide a promise to your customer always so that you would be able to make an emotional connection with them.
Always mention a benefit with your message that will make people think about you more often.

8. Have A Clear Sense Of Purpose

A company becomes a brand when it stands with the promise. In this competitive world your company should have a clear definition on purpose.
Why you have started your company?
What’s your goal behind it?
What your customer will gain from you?
As a brand it’s not always about making money rather do business with an intetion to serve profoundly.
That’s what make a difference in people’s mind they will know you’re serving them at every point rather trying to sell them.


Building a brand is all about consistency, commitment, and purpose to serve the people listen to them eloquently.

You don’t build a brand it’s the people who do that for you. But, you have to put the effort every time just by following the above steps.

We at SEAD technologies will help you build an authentic brand message and brand identity with the right strategy.

Now it’s your time to rise and shine and serve people deeply.