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How To Do An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

How To Do An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Do you know the size of social media platforms?

It’s more than 4 billion users combined every platforms starting from linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat etc

After all, when there are users there is market opportunity for business right?

Social media have made it easier to reach people efficiently.

You not only reach them, the chances are more to convert them eloquently.

Since the past 10 years Facebook added 1.5 billion users in its database.

It’s a huge number though.

But, Facebook brought a platform to us which is helping us to reach people quickly and effectively.

If you bring the users of Facebook to one place, it would be called as a country and size would be much larger than combining America and India.


History says every thing comes to a saturation point at a moment of time.

That’s where you need to be more strategic to grow.


Why Social Media Marketing Is Important?

Let me ask you a simple question.

Where do you want to sell your product in a busy area where people searching for something or in a barren land?

Of course, the first option.

That’s what social media platforms have brought to us.

They brought all kinds of audience including we as an user.

Now, we are marketing to those audience there to get sales and more revenue.

1. Large Number Of Audience:

When there are people business happens there(simple rule).
You’re going to get a large number of audience and you can target them through running ads on social media platforms.
Within a less amount of time you’re going to reach maximum people.

2. Enhances Your Brand Value:

We don’t build brand.

People build the brand like you. We’re just putting content regularly to make you updated regarding something.

When people trust our product we grow as a brand and social media boost our reach dramatically.


6 Steps To Effective Social Media Marketing

These 6 steps will help you dramatically growing you in social media platforms.

1. Put Genuine Content Consistently

Well, I used the “Consistently”.

Sounds cool right but at the same time it’s hard to maintain.

Let’s get into basics.

Why people come to Google and social media platforms according to you?

It’s because of consuming content right.

Whether it’s video, audio, or written content they love to consume it either to educate themselves or entertain themselves.

“Content is the king” we all know but putting the right genuine content is extremely essential.

Find out your niche and make content regarding that niche.

Make sure that the content speaks for your audience, it must helping them in certain work.

At that moment it become easier to share to others.


2. Choose Platforms According To Your Customer Needs

Well, that sounds confusing right?
Why shouldn’t you go for every social platforms?
Let me give you a quick tip.
Lets talk about Instagram.
People use Instagram because of its quality pictures and other awesome features. That’s why when it comes to posting awesome pictures people opt for instagram.
Then Come to Linkedin.
Linkedin is profoundly for professionals and if your target audience is from B2B background then Linkedin is the Goldmine for you.
That’s why choosing the right platform to target your audience is the first way to get more success.
There are lots of social media platforms and every audience in there have a separate intention.
You have to find that.

3. Curate A Proper Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the king, but content with proper context is the ultimate necessity.

Having a proper content marketing strategy is essential for consistency and dramatic growth.

But, how can you make content strategy initially?

1. Think About Your Audience

Your audience is your answer for it.

Think about for whom you’re writing?

How it will help them to solve a problem?

Once these questions are answered you will get to plan a good content strategy.

2. Be A Good Storyteller.

We humans are connected by story since the time we were in jungle.

That’s why your every content should speak a story that your audience can resemble with.

Think and make the content in that way.


4 Give Personalized Experience To Your Customers

What personalized experience means to you?
It’s like speaking with your customer head on.
People love when you talk with them genuinely and they respect and adore it.
You can use chatbots in your social media pages to grow your audience and interact with them.
Make your customer feel that you’re talking with him and you’re listening his query, that’s what make an effective communication and enhance trusts.
A personalized experience will let your business build a loyal fan base.

5 Make A Budget For Social Media

Every marketing needs some budget in hands because sometimes it needs money to cover up faster.
That’s why keeping a tight budget in hand is crucial for social media marketing success.
Let’s say you want to reach X amount people in Y amount of time, in that case organic result will not work well that’s why you have to keep money for ads to enhance the reach.
Budget is necessary for everything.
When you have a tight budget you will use your mind to find some cost-efficient strategy to grow and get that same result.
In 2021 social media marketing is about growing both organic as well as paid ads to grow fast.

6. Use Social Media’s Live Option

Have you ever checked the live option in Instagram , facebook, and Linkedin?
They are one of the best resources that you can use to nurture your audience.
When you come live in those platfroms people will get to see you and trust you more.
You can have direct chat with them.
You have to show them you’re not only here to make money rather you’re giving your time to interact with your audience.
That’s the ultimate way to get trust fast and for long term.
Create content and engage with them all the time.
Then you would be able to see great results.


Let’s be completely honest with it.

Social media marketing takes time afterall because it is getting competitive day by day.

That competitiveness is actually effecting growth.

But, when there is competition there is strategy too and we at SEAD technologies will help you build powerful strategy that will let you shine and will help you create a fan base.

Social media is powerful in its own way but you have to tackle up the competition in its own way to grow better and come infront of people.

The first thing is to attract the people with your content and start nurturing them frequently.

That’s how you would be able to shine and build a loyal customer base.

What are you planning for?