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6 Tips To Improve Your Website’s SEO To Get 3X Traffic.

Do you want to rank better in Google’s home page? It’s a dream of every business that they would be able to rank quickly in google and good results.

6 Tips To Improve Your Website's SEO To Get 3X Traffic.

Do you want to rank better in Google’s home page?

It’s a dream of every business that they would be able to rank quickly in google and good results.

But, let’s be honest SEO is a long term strategy and it depends on what kind of business you’re in.

That’s why it is necessary to have some patience in your pocket and have bunch of consistency to yield results.

Google needs genuine content that can yield benefits for the readers that’s why having a clear strategy for SEO is a must.

SEO is crucial part in digital marketing and perhaps it can save loads of money of yours in the long run.

There are bunch of benefits of having good SEO in your website.

Let’s delve into those.


Why Do You Need SEO For Your Site?

Let’s break down the whole thing.

When you build a website it get uploaded in Google and Google crawls through it to check whether it is genuine or nor.

So, what does it take to get the attention of Google?

It’s quality content that you’re going to provide to the readers that’s going to help them a lot.

When you put genuine content Google gradually takes your site upward and makes you website rank higher.

For that you need proper keyword research and link building formula.

Every business works under a particular niche and that niche target a specific audience.

A specific audience need help regarding specific topic and those are the keywords they are searching for.

You have to make content around them and help them out.

Let’s check those 6 strategy.

1. Mention The Keywords In Your Heading

It sounds pretty simple but it has profound effect in the long run for your website to rank better and gain attention.
Keeping the keyword in the heading helps the reader to click on it quickly because he searched for it.
Even it makes it easier for Google to get to check the keyword that a person is searching for.
Keywords are extremely important in SEO because those are the fundamentals that people need.
Make sure to put keywords to put in

  • Introduction
  • Sub-headings
  • Conclusion
Long Tail Keywords:

Well, you have to outrank the competitive keyword too. It’s hard to rank higher with short tail keywords.

That’s why it’s necessary to put long tail keywords for better rankings and great percentage of making a sale.

Quality Backlinks

There are different kinds of backlinks that needed as per your requirements. So finding quality backlinks is a necessary tasks for better ranking and better authority of your website.

Guest blogging improves sites quality and visibility within time.


2. Improves The Speed Of Website

What is page speed basically?
The amount of time that it takes to open a website exactly.
But, why does it matter?
Let me ask you.
Do you love to spend on a site that takes longer to open up?
I can hear your answer. It’s NO!
That’s what happens when people ignores a website google take the ranking of website downward and it effects your business.
That’s why checking the website loading speed is essential for success.
And SEO got effected badly when your website loading speed is low.
Google gave a defined news in 2017 that they will give utmost priority to website loading speed.

3. Think Of Your Target Audience In Mind

Do you love to read boring content?

Do you love to read content that doesn’t excites you?

Ofcourse not

No one loves content that is boring or crap.

SEO is no more about keywords right now, it’s more about how you combine those keywords to make an engaging content that people would love to read.

Google ranks those page which are better engaging with their audience and full of great helpful content.

Write for your audience, make for your audience.

When you write for your audience instead of thinking about the algorithm then you USE THE TERM SEO COPYWRITING.


4. Link To Trustworthy Sites Related To Your Niche

Every website in Google is working under a certain niche.
Every niche have certain amount of competitor you can say, you have to outrank them through genuine link building.
What is genuine link building?
You can either buy links or earn links.
Buying links comes under Black hat SEO and you can say it is one of the worst way to get result and it won’t yield you any results in the long term.
That’s where playing with the content is necessary that grabs google’s attention so does to other creators.
You can provide valuable content to them so that they can use it as a reference and that’s where you’ll get a quality and high authority back link.
Link building is hard, it well yield you great results in the long term.

Three Tips For Better Link Building
1. Identify Your Competitors:

You’re working under a niche and you must have competitors in the market solving that particular problem.

You have to stand out and think from a different perspective and you would be able to curate a better content so that they can take reference from you.

2. Keyword Research For Link Building:

Here you have to do profound keyword research so that you could get multiple keyword for a particular topic and that would help you to form internal link within a content.

3. Do Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging within a relevant site or a particular niche is the best way to get a quality backlink.

It is even more beneficial for improving your website authority that will help you rank higher and improve your organic reach.


5-Have Profound Focus On Your Meta-descriptions

Do you know what makes a person clicks your website when he search for something?
It is your meta description that you’ve written that holds their attention in the first place and placing your targeted keywords there is the best way to get attention.
Meta- description can be curated with actionable words that will help you get more CTR.
When Google will crawl through your link it will get to know about what you;ve written about.

6-Put Right Keywords In Your Images

Keywords are necessary everywhere when you need to enhance organic result.
It’s the image that catches up attention of the audience and they love to scroll through it.
You must put the relevant keyword in every image to add up ranking.


These are some of the tips that you help in building your SEO profoundly.

One thing you have to remember is you have to maintain consistency and patience to get success in terms of SEO.

In SEAD technologies we have a dedicated team that will help you in building your website’s SEO and it’s growth.

One more thing, make your website mobile friendly.